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    We are renting out individual, furnished workspaces for up to eight people in the heart of Oerlikon. Do you feel like advancing your projects in a creative environment? We look forward to meeting you!

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  • XAVER Award

    XAVER Award 2017

    Best Consumer / POS Event

    Silver goes to Premotion with the project «Mazda Speed Dating – The Dating Revolution» for Mazda (Suisse) SA.

  • The Dance 2017

    May 20th @Hallenstadion Zurich

    It’s back! The second series of The Dance starts on May 20th 2017, when the world’s best urban dance crews will compete against each other at Hallenstadion Zurich. As well as a spectacular jury and world-renowned DJs from the dance scene, spectators can expect top-notch crews and unique performances. The Dance 2017 will exceed all expectations with a new and totally breathtaking show.

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    Silver goes to The Dance

    Best of Swiss Web: All gold, silver and bronze winners

    In addition to eleven gold buoys, 24 silver and 44 bronze buoys were also awarded at the Best of Swiss Web Award Night 2017. We show all of them – and the best pictures of the evening.


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    These are the winners of the Marketing Trophy 2017

    Category Audience Award
    Mazda (Suisse) SA with the project «Mazda Speed Dating – The Dating Revolution»


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    These are the winners of the Marketing Trophy

    The Marketing Trophy was awarded on the marketing day in the categories of large companies, SMEs and non-profit organizations as well as audience and special awards.


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    Category Audience Award

    Mazda (Suisse) SA with the project «Mazda Speed Dating – The Dating Revolution».

    With Mazda Speed Dating, the brand message «Challenge Convention for the Love of Driving» is fully transported. The Mazda Speed Dating has been an outstanding success for the brand throughout Switzerland. This applies both to the brand image and the engagement on the registrations for the speed dating tours.

  • The Dance Swisstour


    Do you dream of dancing at the Hallenstadion Zurich? Mazda is breaking with convention and will make your dreams come true! Become part of a Mazda team and appear before a massive audience.

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  • JWTF


    We are all Aldi-Children!


  • JWTF


    Ryan Gossling is a Aldi-Child!


how we think

From classic to social media:

We live in a digital world that has fundamentally changed our lives. Regardless of where we are, we are constantly on the internet. Our entire communication happens over social media. Only here are we truly available. Who ever wants to use these channels successfully for their marketing needs to motivate the customers in line with all the rules of art. And that’s what we do. With a passion.

What’s in it for me?

Social Media as a new marketing instrument requirs new and specific rules. None of us are venal anymore and nobody wants to be manipulated or beset upon in their social environment – one should rather motivate us with all the rules of art. In other words: We want to be entertained, be part of something big, be recognized and be able to achieve something for ourselves. Our social-media-motivation-model is based on these basic needs – used in the context of communication challenges and positioning of a product or brand it makes up the foundation of our successful marketing communication.

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Mazda is the brand with the revolutionary guiding principles and the agency to realize them. A true love revolution happened in 2016 thanks to the realisation that speed dating is more successful side by side rather than opposite each other.

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The powerfully choreographed communication for „The Dance“ makes the event the newcomer happening of 2016: From the app with dancers as letters to the Swisstour down to the showdown in the Hallenstadion.

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When you googled some gossip about a female star you got the brutal truth about being female: millions of girls are condemned to vanish if we don’t give it the attention and contribute to charity.

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Test drives encourage the purchase of a car. But what encourages people to test drive a new model? When you can show the whole world your Switzerland as a test driver because Google Street View is down.

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We linked the launch of the new waterproof Pontos S from Maurice Lacroix with the record attempt of Sébastien „The Sub“ Murat, a Swiss star apnea diver. Along for the ride: the fittest bloggers and their communities.

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When a drink for kids isn’t cool or isn’t cool anymore you need a fresh new idea. The people that drink it can celebrate it in extremely cool situations: with the ultimate dive into the swimming pool and the accompanying voting.

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100 million girls go missing worldwide according to UNICEF’s report. Just because they are female these kids are neglected, aborted and murdered. We’ve charged up these sorrows with words multiplied it with music.

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A message doesn’t become better just because one repeats it. That’s why Mazda shook up the billboards before the weather program Meteo: with 60 life hacks – unique spots with witty ideas for improvements of everyday life.

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Your own digital identity can be stolen just like your purse. The misuse of your identity is very problematic for your personal integrity. Which is exactly what we showed in a spot for the insurance LegisDigit of Group Mutuel.

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